How It Works


Step 1 - We gain an understanding of you, your business and your need.


Step 2 - From our vetted network of thousands, we narrow to those fitting your initial criteria and pre-interview.


Step 3 - You interview the final candidates based on all vetting information we provide and review with you.It's not easy being red!


Step 4 - You select the candidate that is right for you.


Every now and then you need a Business Management Consultant who can keep your lend their expertise to some impactful areas of your company. Cerius executive level management consultants will work with you so you can get the level of expertise you need with the flexibility and budget you need

Have an idea but need to see if it has legs?

Cerius works with you on your strategic consulting needs. All of our vetted and executive level management consultants are available to work with you on a project by project basis. The Executive is brought in for a specific task, often an assessment. It is typically completed within a shorter time frame. A great option to fill an expertise gap, execute a strategic plan project or test the waters with someone new.

Looking to purchase a company and need another perspective regarding the right company to buy.
There’s no better perspective than a contract executive with no emotions involved as well as industry specific experience with buying and selling companies.

Do you have the feeling that your company could be run more efficiently and your profits should be higher?
An operations consultant can come in and quickly assess the areas of your company that could be run more efficiently.  Many times they find low hanging fruit that brings immediate savings to the bottom line and then will work on the longer term goals of increasing your profits
Looking to upgrade your technology but don’t know what technology to choose or how to get it installed on time and on budget.
An experienced technology consultant who can help you select the right technology as well as get it done on time and on budget.  They also are change management agents to make sure everyone adapts and is successfully using the new technology.